Medical Record Chronologies

Physician chronologists in the US and India sort and summarize your client’s voluminous medical malpractice, nursing home, and personal injury records into concise, easily readable medical chronologies and timelines.

We are a better medical records sorting and summary chronology service

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MD Record Review

We love working  with medical records!. MD’s in the US and India work tenaciously at achieving timely turnaround to meet your needs. No case is too complex.

HIPAA Compliant

We take data security very seriously. Our file transfer systems meet HIPAA requirements.

Super Affordable

No copying fees. No shipping fees. No wasted paralegal time. Secure electronic file transmission. Medical chronologies include hyperlinks and bookmarks for only $35/hr. We are Smarter Outsourcing.

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Save $ on Expert Witness Reviews

Physician medical chronologies saves expert witness review time

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