Medical Record Chronology Bookmarks

MDTimelines Physicians in the United States and India review your client’s medical records and create bookmarks of crucial entries that document medical care, critical events,  or potential negligence in the source PDF medical records. Chronology bookmarks allow you to quickly browse and access important pages in your client’s medical or nursing home record.

A HUGE time saver for your paralegal and expert. A HUGE money saver.


A Medical Chronology is a record of medical events in the order of their occurrence. Our physicians read through all of the medical records you provide to identify, locate, review and interpret relevant information from the medical records submitted.  Our finished product is a text-based medical record summary that is presented chronologically – making it easy to understand the sequence or timeline of events as effectively and quickly as possible. We bookmark the medical records and reference them in the hyperlinks contained in the medical chronology.

Prepared by physicians in India in collaboration with our US medical director, our medical chronologies outline the details of significant medical events related to critical events and other identified areas of concern. These details include the date of service or date of injury, the facility or provider of care, our Bates numbers, and the most relevant information documented in the medical record.  Our Bates numbers hyperlink to their corresponding record pages for instant navigation to the source records and when clicked on the source page, back to the launching point in the timeline,

All of our chronologies are fully customizable to meet your specifications. Our physicians will highlight areas of concern or focus, to assure all information is included in your medical record chronology. If, at any time, a chronology needs to be updated, we simply add the new information by building on the work already completed, unless you desire a new chronology for just the new material.