Medical Chronology

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A Medical Chronology is a record of medical events in the order of their occurrence. Whether reading through hundreds or thousands of pages of medical records, our physician reviewers review, locate, and identify relevant information from the medical records. We summarize and highlight critical medical events, and place bookmarks in, and hyperlinks to, these in the source medical records so you can quickly access this information.

MDTimelines Medical Record Chronologies include all these features

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Physician Medical Chronology

Physicians organize your voluminous medical records and prepare concise medical chronologies.  Chronologically presented medical timelines are easy to read and allow for a quick overview of your client’s case.
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Medical Chronology Bookmarks

Physician created bookmarks in the source records make it easy to quickly navigate your medical and nursing home records. Saves paralegal and expert review time. FREE with your medical chronology.
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Chronology Hyperlinks

Allows for quick navigation to source page from any link on the summary. FREE with your medical chronology.
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Physician Medical Summaries

Get a crisp and concise overview of your client’s medical history. Physicians medical review creates brief medical summaries that help you quickly understand your case. FREE with your medical chronology.