Medical Record Chronology Hyperlinks

Hyperlinks in a medical record chronology allow you to click on a page number and be taken to that page in your client’s medical record.

A HUGE time saver.



Medical Chronology Hyperlinks

Finding a medical record at the time when you need it can be a hassle when the record is not properly organized. There are thousands of medical records in a place like a hospital, so imagine having to manually source for just one patient’s record amidst the thousands. It’s like searching for a pin in the deep blue sea. This is when Hyperlinks come in very handy.

Medical chronology hyperlinks allow you to navigate directly to a client’s medical record by simply clicking on the page number containing all the data. At every point, it is necessary to have easy access to the medical records of a patient.

What Is a Medical Chronology?

This is a compilation of the full medical history of an individual to date, listed in chronological order. It includes all the information that can summarize a person’s medical history, including details of the healthcare provider, the date and time of visit, drugs administered, and other relevant details.

A medical chronology is mostly used in personal injury law cases. It can be given to the insurance provider of an individual as a tool to aid in settlement of a claim before the filing of a lawsuit. It can also be used to prepare for a disposition or a trial. This history might also be requested by a doctor trying to treat a patient’s chronic illness. The doctor might need to take a trip down memory lane of the patient’s health and discover some illnesses that existed in the past and the kind of treatment given.

The medical history is a personal document that is only released based on the right authorization. Laws like the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) protect the privacy of the patient.

Here are some elements contained in a medical chronology;

  • Date of injury
  • Cause of injury
  • Diagnosis
  • Treatment providers
  • Date of treatment
  • A treatment plan

Hyperlinks are inserted to make the process of navigating the client’s records easier. Here are some of the main reasons why hyperlinking is advised;

  1. It Saves time: There are thousands of records and files from different patients, and a hyperlink will save everybody the stress of going through all these files manually to find a particular file. With a simple click, you can get the records of the patient you need.
  2. Proper alignment makes navigation easy: It is important for medical records to always be organized. When these records are arranged chronologically and hyperlinked, navigation to the specific record required will be easier.

How Hyperlinks Work

You know how you click a hyperlink on a particular website on the internet, and it takes you to another full document? This is exactly how hyperlinks work for medical chronology reports. The medical chronology is created in a file, and then the link to the file is taken and embedded into the page number. This way, when the page number is clicked, it automatically directs the clicker to the corresponding page in the source medical records.