How a Medical Chronology Service Can Help Organize Voluminous Medical Records

Physician Medical Chronology Service Helps with Electronic Health Records


Studies show that there are more than 250,000 deaths a year in America due to medical errors.

Medical malpractice is a huge issue, and many people are fighting against it. One of the best tools for fighting medical malpractice is detailed medical records, but these are often complex and unorganized. This is where medical chronology services can make things significantly easier.

For a rundown of how a medical chronology service can help you, keep reading.

Managing Medical Chronologies

While medical records vary with each case, one thing that remains true is that they can always get complicated and cause confusion. Having a client’s medical records in chronological order is the easiest way to keep track of things, but compiling them this way is often very difficult.

Electronic medical records have made this even more challenging as most medical records tend to be much larger. This causes problems for paralegal staff and is more time-consuming for everyone involved.

At MDTimelines we have a team of fully trained physicians who are capable of sorting your client’s electronic health records into a clear, chronological system. For as little as $35 an hour, our chronologists will compile your client’s medical records into a logical timeline helping you to focus your case.


When compiled, your client’s electronic medical record could be hundreds of pages. Even in chronological order, the level of detail can make things difficult. As part of our medical chronology service, we will add hyperlinks throughout the document.

Clicking a hyperlink will take you directly to the relevant page within the medical record. This way you can jump to specific parts as necessary. Just note that this is only available in the PDF file format.


Something else that our electronic medical records software allows us to do is add bookmarks throughout a medical record. We’ll highlight important pages, making it much easier for you to navigate to these sections.

On top of the chronological organization, this will further save you time throughout your case. As this is done by professional physicians, they will assess the most important parts of a client’s medical records effectively.

They do this using details such as:

  • Date of injury
  • Date of service
  • Facility/provider of care
  • Other relevant information

Our system allows for complete customization, so if you want to make any changes or add any updates you just need to let us know. We can add any new information to the existing document, or create an entirely new chronology for any extra information.

File Transfer

Detailed documents such as medical records can be very large, and physical copies have several drawbacks. We compile all our chronologies digitally to simplify things.

Once you have all the necessary records together you can upload them to our website. Our internet portal is HIPAA compliant so you can trust that everything is secure.


After our team has reviewed your client’s records they’ll generate a cost and delivery estimate. Once you’ve approved this they’ll get to work.

Depending on the records themselves the turnaround time is usually between 14 and 28 days.

Is Medical Chronology Worth It?

Organization is incredibly important for attorneys, and having medical files out of order can waste a huge amount of time. It can even make the difference between winning and losing a case.

With our medical chronology services, you can be sure you have everything in order and in an easy-to-use state. For just $35 an hour it’s more than worth utilizing our services.

If you have any questions for us, just click here to contact us today.